DIGITAL IQ DDD 746_IC (12.5″) VW GOLF 6 mod. 2008-2013 DIGITAL DASHBOARD

Code: DIQ_DDD_746

12.5¨ Digital Instrument Cluster (Dashboard) for VW GOLF 6 mod. 2008-2013


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Digital Instruments Cluster (Dashboard)
Original Analog Instrument Cluster Upgrade


  • Intelligent control: Intelligent monitor can show your car informations in real time.
  • Customization: Easily and widelly customizable.
  • Eight view mode: intelligent control of the whole car.
    1. Classic mode,
    2.Exercise mode,
    3.Digital mode,
    4.Gear and speed mode,
    5.Consumption and mileage,
    6.Economic mode,
    7.Driving assistance mode,
    8.Navigation mode.
  • 12.5inch Screen 1920×720 HD IPS screen with 60fps.
  • Linux Operating system.
  • Supporst Mobile phone wireless projection screen.
  • Supports original car’s Bluetooth phone call or music play.
  • Supports CarPlay & Android Auto.
  • WIFI remote upgrade.
  • Easy Installation.


  • CPU: RENESAS Car gauge chip —R-CAR M2N R8A77930, Arm dual core 1.5GHz, working temperature – 40 ° C ~ + 105 ° C.
  • GPU is imaging’s powervr544 dual core 312MHz, supports true 3D, pixel fill rate 1250m pixel / s, floating-point operation 20gflop / s.
  • Dual LVDS output or RGB output, support resolution 1920* 720@60fps.
  • Three CVBS inputs.
  • HDMI input or LVDS input 1920* 720@60fps.
  • Supports 2-way SD card interface.
  • 2-way USB 2.0 interface.
  • Audio in / out.
  • 2-way can.
  • 4-way serial port, 2-way I2C, 2-way SPI
  • Length: 454mm.
  • Width: 234mm
  • Height: 230mm.
  • Weight: 2kg

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